I really love the images! It’s crazy, I want to go around showing friends and colleagues and strangers in the street, saying, “Hey! This is ME!” – Miss R

My images were amazing! It was so hard to choose which ones I was going to use in my album, I mean…who knew I could look that hot?! My fiance lovvvvved the album I gave him. The whole time he was looking at them, he was like, “wow…wow…WOOOWWW!” – Miss C

I would 100% recommend Renee Lee Boudoir to anyone who is looking for a beautiful and unique gift such as this. It’s not only a lovely gift for my husband, but it will also be a gift for my future self. Having that reminder of how gorgeous I am by flipping through my album is priceless.” – Miss L

I was absolutely blown away when I saw my images…I keep looking back at the images for a confidence boost when I’m not feeling so sexy to remind myself how amazing I look!” – Miss C


My experience with Renee Lee Boudoir was exceptional! For someone who mostly walks on the conservative side of life, getting my clothes off in front of a perfect stranger was a big deal. Fortunately Renee has this extraordinary gift of making a big deal into a comfortable, exciting and empowering experience. I walked out of that room feeling pretty damn good about myself bumps and all!!” – Miss M


I know you get so much love from your clients and I’m about to say ditto to everything ever said. You made me feel welcome, comfortable and beautiful. You were so professional and not at all judgemental (standing in front of another woman in just underwear kind of makes you fragile). You understand this and go above and beyond to make it easy to be comfortable in your own skin. Thank you for your awesomeness and I can’t wait to see the results. Thank you thank you thank you.” – Miss A


To those ladies considering a shoot, just do it! Take the leap of faith. You are beautiful so show it. Renee will bring out the best in you. She is a true professional and a beautiful person. It will be the best thing you have ever done.” – Miss R


From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you very much for everything you did for me in my recent photo shoot. From your quick reply to my inquiry at the start to the end result of my photos you have been thoroughly amazing. You are a true professional. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.” – Miss J


Upon going into the boudoir studio I was sooo nervous, but after spending time with Renee I got so much more comfortable. Being someone who is body conscious I left feeling like the sexiest most beautiful woman ever. I would highly recommend this to all women of all shapes and sizes.” – Miss N


…It was amazing! From the second I arrived the doubts began to disappear. I felt comfortable and happy and totally slamming hot! I went from being terrified at the beginning of the shoot to standing buck naked in front of someone I’d just met and feeling like I’d known her for years! This is coming from someone who wouldn’t look in a mirror if she wasn’t fully dressed! Renee made me feel so comfortable and confident. I never thought I could feel this confident and it’s changed the way I look and feel about myself. I loved this experience and I can’t thank you enough. you are a genius with a camera and just an all round amazing person.” – Miss B