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Preparing for you Boudoir Shoot

Now that you have booked your boudoir shoot, here are some tips to help make your experience and photos the best they can be! The planning stage is a huge part of your Boudoir experience, be sure to enjoy every moment!



Avoid alcohol for at least 24 hours before your photo shoot. Alcohol dehydrates, can make your eyes red, interferes with your sleep, your circulation and your digestion.

Instead, drink lots of water in the few days leading up to the shoot.


Try to get a good night’s sleep at least the night before your shoot. At least 8 hours is ideal.

If possible, plan for some early nights in the week leading up to your shoot too.


Hair needs to be washed the day before your shoot (morning if possible) and no styling products or heated appliances should used on your hair after it has been washed.

As a guide, give the hair two shampoos for optimal cleanse followed by one conditioner. Please DO NOT use Pantene, Palmolive, Tresseme or Sunsilk on the hair as these products are silicone based and will make the hair too soft and slippery to work with effectively.

Please also refrain from applying any products to the hair e.g serums, smoothing creams, argan oil etc. Again, these products can make the hair too soft and slipper to work with. We will add the necessary product to your hair on the day.

A trim is fine, but don’t get a crazy new haircut in the lead up to the shoot that you haven’t had time to get used to. If you don’t like your new haircut, you won’t like any of the photos.

If you want to refresh or change the colour of your hair, make sure this is done 7 days before your shoot and you’ve had a chance to wash it at least once before your shoot date. Freshly dyed hair will rub off onto the bedding and will incur a cleaning/replacement fee.

Same deal goes as getting a trim – don’t choose a totally different hair colour than what you’re used to. If you don’t like your hair, you won’t like any of the photos.


Your nails will be seen in a lot of the images so it is recommended to treat yourself to a mani/pedi or do your own nails at home before the shoot.

You might want to go for a nice natural look, or be daring and choose a sexy colour like red or pink!

Make sure your nails don’t clash with the colour of your outfits – orange nails with red lingerie doesn’t really look great in photos!


Practice good skin maintenance.

Avoid trying new products and stick to wearing extra sun protection and applying moisturiser regularly to your face and body.

Moisturise your lips with a good Vitamin E lip balm and keep it up right until the shoot day. Gently exfoliate lips with warm water and a toothbrush to get rid of any dry skin.

Moisturise from head to toe for a natural glow. I’d recommend moisturising at least a few days in the lead up to the photo shoot and on the day as well.

If you wax, do so at least 72 hours before your shoot. This is very important because makeup will not stick to a freshly waxed face or eyebrows, and we want to also avoid any irritation showing up in your photos.

Don’t do anything too crazy like get a facial or your eyebrows waxed for the first time the day before your shoot. If anything goes wrong, you’ll be a total stress-ball during your session.

Don’t stress if you get a break out before or on the day of your shoot. It’s fixable with makeup and Photoshop! Avoid picking at pimples as it will irritate your skin and makeup won’t stick to broken skin.


We don’t want you to starve yourself! Make sure you’re eating healthy in the lead up to your shoot.

 Avoid foods that are spicy or are high in fat, salt or sugar a few days before your shoot to avoid bloating, puffiness or break-outs.

Stick to wholesome fresh foods and plenty of fruits and vegetables that will make your skin glow.


Bring clothing that makes you FEEL sexy, not what you THINK is sexy.

Some examples include:

– Matching bra and underwear sets- Fall-off-the-shoulder tops
– Cropped soft sweaters or cardigans
– A man’s button down shirt
– Anything lacy and fitted – this is a great choice for maternity boudoir
– Simple black and white bras/panties
– A sheer slip or robe
– A fitted t-shirt or singlet
– Stockings, thigh highs, over the knee socks, suspenders
– A sexy pair of heels
– Jewellery

Black, white, ivory, navy, and dark, jeweled colours (think maroon or turquoise) photograph well.  Fluro or very bright colours or busy patterns, don’t photograph so well. Try to avoid any outfits with very fine meshy type materials as it shows up as a ‘swirl’ on the fabric in some angles, and is very difficult to fix in post processing.

Bring as many clothing options as you wish and I can help you choose your favourites and give you advice on what will work best in your photos.

If you are engaged, bring your engagement ring as well as any wedding accessories if you have them – veil, garter, wedding shoes or wedding lingerie. I have a couple of veils in the studio that you are welcome to borrow if yours isn’t ready in time, please contact me to check that I have the style you’re after.

I have a collection of shoes in the studio, if you don’t own any heels, or don’t want to purchase new heels but want to wear them for your photos, just let me know your size as I’m still building up my collection of sizes. If you’re not normally a heel person, you don’t HAVE to wear them for your shoot. Bare feet look nice and natural in the photos.

I also have a small collection of lace robes, so let me know if you’d like to borrow one for your shoot. Lace robes are better than a silk robes as you can still see your skin and shape through the robe. Silk robes tend to hide your shape and are harder to work with.

Make sure your outfits are in good/new condition. A tired bra and underwear set will show in your photos.

Try on all your outfits and lingerie to make sure they fit properly AND remove any tags or labels to avoid unwanted details in your final images.

It’s strongly recommended to purchase your lingerie from stores where professional fitters are present. They can give you lots of tips and advice and help make sure that your outfits fit well. An ill-fitting outfit will show in images and can limit the types of poses we can do. Make sure your breasts fill the bra cups properly, especially when laying down. Bring ‘chicken fillets’ if you need to. Avoid outfits that are too tight.

When purchasing stockings to go with suspenders, it’s recommended to purchase stockings WITHOUT the sticky stay up stuff. It’s easier to attach garter clips to stockings that don’t have this, and you will have less ‘leg bulge’ coming out over the top of your stockings.

Below is a list of pieces that I have found don’t work so well for shoots:

– Babydolls, nighties or loose slips – these hide your shape. We want to see those beautiful curves!
– Silk robes – same as above, these hide your shape and add bulk. If you’re wanting something to cover up, I’d suggest a lace robe instead – that way you can see your skin underneath still, and we don’t lose your shape.
– Silk in general – the light bounces off the silk and can emphasise areas you may not want emphasised.
– Corsets – If you want to wear a corset type outfit, make sure that you find one with individual cups and underwire built in. Those corsets that don’t have built in support, are not flattering, especially if you’re bigger busted. They tend to just squish the breasts down, or the breasts spill out over the top if it’s not a properly fitted corset. Corsets with thick boning in them will also limit the poses we can do in them to avoid bulging and bending of the boning and laying down poses are impossible if there are no support cups holding in ‘the ladies’.
– G-strings – the really thin string type underwear tends to cut in causing bulging of the skin. If you’re really keen on a g-string, make sure it fits nicely and isn’t too tight, or go for something a bit thicker.


IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU DO NOT TAN before your shoot. Artificial tans do not photograph well and can rub off onto the white bedding and may incur a cleaning/replacement fee.

Sun tans can be damaging to your skin and also may make your skin appear red. Tan lines and flaking skin do not look great either.

Your skin is beautiful the way it is and little imperfections will be fixed in post-processing.

Editing a tan or sunburn is not part of my post-processing workflow. Issues such as uneven skin tones, redness, noticeable tan lines, flaking skin, streaking, dark patches and underarm blotches are time consuming to edit and will incur an additional fee to do so. It is not quickly and easily fixed in Photoshop so please avoid tanning. It is advisable to choose outfits that conceal your tan lines if you have any. Tan lines will limit the types of poses we can do as well as the number of photos you may see at your reveal.

If you feel that you absolutely must tan before your shoot, it is important that you contact me ahead of time to discuss your options.


If you haven’t already, start a private Pinterest board and pin inspirational outfits, poses and examples of hair and makeup that you like.

Feel free to share with me so I can get an idea of the feel or look you’re going for in your shoot.



Plan to arrive a few minutes earlier than your scheduled time. Arriving earlier will let you get relaxed, talk to your photographer, and discuss some ideas. If you have a tight schedule on your photo shoot day, the tension will show in your images.

Treat your photo shoot day like a holiday – relax and enjoy the wonderful experience of being a glamorous super-model! We usually allow some extra time for the boudoir photo shoot. Sometimes our clients get into the photo shoot dynamic so much that we can’t stop them…and we don’t! The pictures we take in the last few minutes of the photo shoot are often the best ones!

PLEASE do not book any appointments in the afternoon of your shoot day. We don’t want to have to rush your shoot because you had to leave by a specific time. I don’t focus too much on the time during the shoot, I let the session flow on its own and don’t like to put a time limit on capturing your images. If it takes us a little longer to capture those amazing images, that’s ok with me. Having to rush because you have somewhere else to be doesn’t allow you to enjoy the full experience.


You will need to arrive fresh faced to the shoot (no makeup) moisturise your face with a plain light lotion if you feel you need to.

Remember not to use any styling products or heated appliances on your hair otherwise your hairstyle won’t last.


Wear loose fitting clothing the day of the shoot so that you don’t have marking when you strip down. Avoid tight jeans, tight socks or a bra if possible. A maxi-dress and thongs, or loose leggings and a button down shirt are best.

Use clear deodorant that doesn’t rub off onto clothing


Have a light but filling breakfast – you’ll need some energy to get you through your shoot!


Forget about your body insecurities. You are beautiful! It’s completely normal to be nervous, but don’t worry because you are in very good hands. Our hair stylist and make up artist is AMAZING and will make you look gorgeous.

Your photographer has photographed many women and knows exactly how to coach you, pose you and make you feel comfortable throughout the shoot. This is a once in a lifetime experience – enjoy it!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me!

See you soon!