Molly was a woman on a mission! A mission to learn to love her body no matter the size. She was in the process of changing her lifestyle and focusing on herself and her health, when she contacted me to book her boudoir shoot.

“This shoot will be a way for me to take another step in loving myself, and to close a chapter in the book. The last chapter was an unhappy woman with a hatred for herself – not anymore!”

Molly brought some great outfits with her for her shoot, including a red lace robe, a gorgeous black and maroon bodysuit and a simple grey T-shirt and they all looked gorgeous on her!

Here’s Molly’s feedback on how her boudoir shoot helped her with her mission:

“Directly after the shoot I felt so confident and empowered, and I honestly think I left the old Molly at the door when I first entered the studio.

The period between getting the shoot and receiving my images, I kept working on myself. Finding more and more reasons to understand my self worth. Improving my physical and mental health has been a huge part of my journey!

Once I received my images, I was amazed! I couldn’t believe that the photos were of me. When I showed my partner and told him how different and amazing I looked, he said to me “honey, this is how I see you every single day. Whether you’re wearing makeup and lingerie, or rolling out of bed”. That really shook me. He has always seen me as a beautiful, powerful and strong woman.. so why have I waited so many years to see it too?

The self-love journey is a long one, but it’s one that I have enjoyed taking. When you learn to love who you are, every other aspect of your life can improve. I deserve it. You deserve it.”

Hair and makeup by Barossa Style Bar

Images are shared with client’s written permission. There is no obligation to share images in order to book a shoot. If you prefer to keep your images private, that is 100% ok!


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