Asher booked her shoot as a gift to her husband for his 30th birthday but she soon realised it was a great gift to herself as well.

“He had told me so many times he loved all of me despite my weight gain, weight loss, 2 children and the wear and tear of life. I never believed him at all but since he said he appreciated all of my body I knew I had to do this for him. It gave me a whole knew perspective of my body afterwards though. I was so nervous at being so exposed in the flesh but I didn’t realise how exposed and vulnerable I was to become psychologically in this shoot.

Renee was so professional and gentle in explaining the poses to highlight everything about me that I always thought was lacking. She showed me a beauty that I was always so reluctant to expose. Doing this shoot was a fantastic step in becoming more comfortable in the skin I am in and embracing the power I have but am always second guessing. Thank you Renee for empowering me and more women to see our beauty in everything we are right now.” – Asher

Hair and makeup by Ashley Meffert – Makeup Artistry

Images are shared with the written permission of my client. There is no obligation to share your images in order to book a shoot. If you wish for your images to remain private, that is 100% ok!


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