Before her shoot, Kristy was lacking in self confidence. She struggled with not feeling worthy or good enough for her partner due to being a busy mum of 5, and not making enough time for herself. She wanted to feel sexy again, so she contacted me to book in her shoot!

“I was so nervous booking in for my shoot. I’ve been working hard on my self worth and self confidence lately and as a fitness trainer wanted to set myself a reward for my progress along the way. I knocked on the door and the negative self talk in my head started.. ‘I’m not fit enough, I’m not thin enough, I’m not worthy of all the pampering’ Renee made me feel so welcome and Rachele was fantastic with hair and makeup. I started feeling like a star, someone special, I started believing I deserved to be pampered and enjoy the photo shoot. Renee made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I loved every minute of it. I walked out the door excited with a spring in my step. My photos are beyond what I ever imagined. Renee has worked her magic and made me feel alive. A real woman that is proud of my body and and so grateful for my curves and as a mother of 5 kids.. I’m really proud of who I am and the beautiful body I was blessed with. What an amazing experience. I will definitely be back again in the near future.”

Hair and makeup by Barossa Style Bar

Images are shared with the written permission of my clients. There is no obligation to share your images in order to book a shoot. If you wish for your images to remain private, that is 100% ok!

  1. Erinne says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous! Good on you for stepping out of your comfort zone, confidence is sexy and you look amazing 🔥💕


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