When I met Shae and we got to chatting, what I loved most about her was that she was so body positive and unapologetically herself! One day I hope all of us women can be like Shae! She also brought her beautiful mum to her image reveal appointment and it was so lovely to see her mum cheer her on and tell her how beautiful she looked in her photos! <3

Here’s Shae’s story:

“I have almost always felt comfortable with my body. Our bodies are how we express who we are. We do this through what we do, what we create and what we wear. Our bodies are unique to us. Everyone is different. Personally, I love expressing myself through my hair, my tattoos and clothing. I love to show who I am through my appearance, because our bodies are another way to tell our stories.”

And here’s Shae’s feedback on her boudoir experience with Be.Boudoir:

“It was FUN doing a boudoir shoot! It’s really an amazing experience. Renee is the perfect combination of professional and playful needed for a flawless boudoir photo shoot. I had such a good time during my photo shoot and love the photos. Renee and her team made the whole process straight forward and fun! I wouldn’t recommend anybody else!” – Shae

Hair and makeup by Barossa Style Bar

Images are shared with the written permission of my clients. There is no obligation to share your images in order to book a shoot. If you wish for your images to remain private, that is 100% totally ok!

  1. Kira says:

    Wow absolutely stunning! Love your body art ❤️


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