All her life, Jennifer has battled with her weight, always starting a diet but never sticking to it, or not being supported while she tried.

“In 2017 my marriage of 10 years broke down and it kick-started a new lifestyle for me. I met an amazing new man who pushed and supported and encouraged me to achieve my dreams and thanks to him I managed to lose 20kgs. So this shoot was a celebration of my new body, my new mindset and my new life (and also a little treat for him – a Christmas gift).

Leading up to the shoot I was so nervous that I’d hate my photos or not be able to do the right poses and feel all self conscious. But thanks to Renee, after the first photo was out of the way, I felt totally comfortable and sexy and beautiful. I have never felt that way about myself EVER!!

Then when I saw the photos a week later, I was totally blown away! I couldn’t believe it was me, choosing a handful of pictures was unbelievably hard but I’m so stoked with the ones I chose and I can’t stop looking at the album.

Thank you Renee for the experience and making me realise that I am beautiful, lumps and bumps and stretch marks included. If you’re thinking about doing this, think no more and book it. You won’t be disappointed.” – Jennifer

Hair and Makeup by Ashley Meffert – Makeup Artistry

Images shared with her permission



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