Renee! Wow! Thank you just doesn’t even do it justice. I have always had body image issues and even more after having a baby. I had a friend who did this shoot years ago before I had a baby and I was like, how could you even do that? but I was considering it. Then I fell pregnant and it just fell off my radar. I had my baby and I hated what I saw in the mirror. Another friend had just finished a shoot with you. I saw her photos and was like, I just need to. So I booked my appointment and I came thinking I would cover my whole body but you made me feel so comfortable in my own skin I was able to wear my lingerie.

I felt sexy, I felt amazing and I felt CONFIDENT. I left that shoot with a whole different perspective and loved my body, especially for my baby it gave me. I would 100% want to do this again. I felt amazing and I can’t even stop looking at my photos because they are BEAUTIFUL 😭🥰💕 Thank you again for boosting my confidence and making me realise how much I should really love my body. We are all different shapes and sizes and no matter what size or shape we are, a woman’s body is pure beauty, especially for all the things it can do for us!

You are amazing at your work Renee, and it’s amazing to have someone like you in this world doing this kind of job for women!”

Hair and makeup by Ashley Meffert Makeup Artistry

Images shared with her permission.



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