I often receive inquiries from women wanting to do a boudoir shoot, asking me if I photograph curvy women. What makes me sad, is how this is even a question in this day and age that someone has to ask. 🙁

I photograph EVERY BODY. Be.Boudoir is inclusive to all body types, sizes and ages and lifestyles. Every single woman is deserving of a boudoir experience, regardless of the size or shape of her body. There is no size requisite required to experience a boudoir shoot. You are beautiful right where you are and you are worthy of feeling confident, sexy, and comfortable in your own skin.

When I asked Leah to tell me her story so I could get to know her a little more, this is what she said:

“I’m a young girl who has been thicker all my life. I’ve been teased about it also, but my mum taught me from a young age to love the skin I’m in no matter what anyone thinks, and I really embrace that. I’m confident to be myself and am a massive extrovert. I work in plus size women’s fashion to help ladies embrace themselves the way I do. I love helping people and giving them as much love and advice as possible, that’s what really gets me going in life.”

It was a pleasure to meet and photograph Leah. Here is her testimonial after her boudoir experience.

“I absolutely urge every lady to experience a boudoir photo session with Renee. She is extremely professional, helpful, makes you feel like the queen that you are and her work is phenomenal. My partner loved the album I had made for his birthday, which I gave to him 10 days early because I just couldn’t wait for him to see them. Let’s just say lucky I didn’t film his reaction as it definitely wasn’t PG 😉 If you want to connect with yourself and feel special again or have been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot, then absolutely do it for yourself, even if you are a single gal, but the perks if you’re in a relationship are worth it also. 🙂 I can’t thank Renee for making me feel comfortable and producing such amazingly beautiful images, you definitely are talented. xx” – Leah

Hair and makeup by Mad Maddie’s Makeup

  1. Rebecca Bass says:

    Love ya Leah, you look gorgeous hun xoxo


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