Some of you might  know that I’m a HUGE F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan – so when Vicky brought a ‘Lobster’ t-shirt to her session, I was so excited! Vicky loves Friends as much as I do, and was so gracious to listen to me to refer to Friends quotes throughout the session!

This is Vicky’s story:

“When starting to plan my wedding I came across the idea for a boudoir shoot as a present for my husband to be. I then started looking into the idea. I have never been a fan of my body, although with age have learnt to accept it. Luckily my fiancé does love my body, this helps me too. I researched different photographers & found Renee to be the best for my preferences. Her photos were wonderful at showcasing the best of all body shapes for all women. She also works with the different personalities of each person for an individual result.

From my first contact with Renee I felt comfortable & supported. I did have a year to prepare my mind & choice of outfits. I brought plenty along & with Renee’s input we decided on the best options. I do like to have a bit of fun – so this also happened.

I took advantage of the pre-payment option and started paying early, so by the time the shoot came around there were no further costs, leading up to a wedding I was so glad I prepared in advance.

There were many butterflies & nerves leading up to the shoot day. The guide Renee has created helps in many ways to prepare, as well as a couple of emails with Renee’s wonderful support.

When I arrived for my shoot, the beautiful support from Renee & Kate was fantastic to help relax before the shoot during the hair & makeup. The result from this was gorgeous. The look lasted until the end of the night, as I then headed out after to a show that night.

The shoot was fun & Renee helped position & encourage me for the best results. I only looked at one shot on the day, choosing to have a surprise on the reveal day. Oh what a reveal, I could not believe the results & it was really me in some of the shots.

I am really looking forward to the surprise for my fiancé on the morning of the wedding. I have tee’d up my photographer to deliver & get a couple of shots of his reaction/s (before leaving him alone to look through).

The whole experience was empowering, thank you Renee & team.” – Vicky

Hair and makeup by Barossa Style Bar



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