All of my clients have their own struggles with body image, and Glenda is no exception. When I asked her to tell me her story, here’s what she said:

“Coming from an Asian background, I was always criticised about my body and size because I wasn’t skinny like the rest of my family. With mixed Spanish and Chinese heritage, I took on more of a Hispanic build (wide hips, thick thighs), so even at my ‘smallest’ during my high school years, I was always two or more sizes bigger than my other Asian friends.

I have been educating myself the past few years to understand that the beauty standard presented in the media is unreasonable, especially in Asian media. Although I know it in my head, it’s still a process to apply it to myself.”

Here’s what Glenda thought of her boudoir experience:

“I loved the way Renee approached the shoot with so much passion, patience, and full of energy. I felt that she was the perfect person to go to for a boudoir shoot, especially as someone who hasn’t done anything like this before! She helps build up your confidence and is absolutely lovely to be around. I highly recommend Be.Boudoir to anyone who is wanting a fun and relaxed experience, and the results are beautiful!”

Hair and makeup by Marina Tanaka Makeup Artist



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